Why can't I redeem my data rewards?

Just earn more than the minimum redemption limit of Rs 50/- and you can start redeeming your mobile data rewards.

If you get a transaction failure, just try to redeem again. Make sure you’ve entered the correct operator, circle details and a valid recharge transaction amount for your operator.

If you see "Heavy Transaction Volume", we may have banned your account for fraudulent activity. Fraudulent activity can include inviting users on emulators, inviting a lot of users on the same device etc.

List of possible errors

User Generated Errors mean human errors attributable to the customers, viz:

1. Invalid Amount;

2. Transfer amount not allowed;

3. Invalid Mobile Number; and

4. Successful refill already present.

System Errors mean errors attributable to any mobile operator, viz:

1. Operator System Errors;

2. Operator Connection Errors

3. Operator downtime.


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